Stonehedge Thesis

At Paphos Theatre, acoustics vary from the best seats on the front rows, backwards; here, the architects have considered acoustics in the design of the building.

The paper illustrates the changing acoustics of ritual sites in human cultures, showing how sound contributed to giving spaces an individual character, helping to afford a sense of contextualized ritual place.

The analysis of 49 cattle is augmented with data for small numbers of animals from the contemporaneous monumental centres of West Kennet Palisade Enclosures (4), Stonehenge (1), and Marden (1).

Unburnt human remains are scarce at these sites and the suite of biomolecular analyses that can be undertaken on cremated remains is limited.

Stonehenge has acoustics that change as the design of the site develops, with some similarities to the effects in the caves.

Acoustic effects vary considerably as you move further into the centre of the stone circle, and as the stone circle develops through time; these effects would be noticeable, and are a by-product of the human building of ritual sites.

The context of the three sites are examined followed by an analysis of their acoustic properties.

Firstly, early decay time is explored, including a comparison of these sites to contemporary concert halls.

This paper contain short description of next step of investigation of the author concerning ancient monument Stonehenge in Great Britain. In 2005, Vladimir Putin himself visited the site which had become a national treasure. More about Vedic Russia: Arkaim is located south of the river Uy, and mostly occupies the watersheds of the rivers Ural and Tobol.

The author suggests explanation of Avenue and Cursus which are positioned near Stonehenge. more This paper contain short description of next step of investigation of the author concerning ancient monument Stonehenge in Great Britain. Evans, Multi-isotope analysis reveals that feasts in the Stonehenge environs and across Wessex drew people and animals from throughout Britain.... At the time of this writing, over twenty years later, one might assume that the excitement about this discovery and its significance would be waning, but instead, the interest this amazing, ancient site has attracted continues to increase. The “Land of Cities” as we describe the archeological and cultural expanse of the larger Arkaim, covers the territory of about 400...


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