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I hope to find mentors from a roomful of inspiring, experiences leaders who will offer me their guidance.Also, meeting accomplished women from other countries means access to new ideas and unique perspectives.Thus, it is essential that Hispanic women increase their roles and knowledge in finance.

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Not to mention, the essay is arguably the most important part of the application and should take up the majority of your time.

Not only is it your chance to let your personality and life experiences shine through, but it’s the one part of the application that gives you the opportunity to stand out from other applicants.

When it comes to paying for college, scholarships are the best form of financial aid since they offer students free money that never needs to be repaid.

But let’s face it: completing scholarship applications, especially the essays, can feel overwhelming.

I will task myself to help these women become better, stronger and most importantly, take control of their lives.

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I want to be involved so that they can save themselves from any unforeseen financial crisis.Take some time to analyze the writing style, think about the strong points, and consider how you can improve. Many are middle-aged Hispanic women with children dangling from their hips like grass skirts.It might seem like a tedious task, but luckily we’ve already done some of the work for you.“Twice a week I head down to volunteer at the Los Sures Social Services office, situated next to the local senior citizen home, to help at the food pantry. These women are there as a result of their culture and lack of financial knowledge.Rather than dwelling on how terrible this situation is, she expresses hope and her desire to make a change in the world.It’s important to keep in mind that an essay can be happy even if it’s about a sad or difficult topic.“Had you asked me the same question one year ago, my answer would have been vastly different to the one I will give today.Besides the structure, Rosaisha is clearly passionate about the topic at hand and isn’t afraid to express it through her writing.Additionally, she connects it to her own life by using personal examples.In our Spanish culture, patriarchy prevents women from preparing for themselves as much as they should.This leads to Hispanic women having little or no money management skills.This is a tremendous goal, but for me, it is an opportunity to make a difference – in my neighborhood and for my Spanish community.”First of all, the introduction paragraph of this essay thoroughly summarizes what the reader can expect to find in the body of the essay. In fact, the entire structure of the essay is very clear and logical.Having a clear structure ensures that the reader can follow your ideas without a problem.


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