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Save yourself time by preparing before you begin your actual ETD submission. For a step-by-step guide of the submission process, please download the ETD Quick Guide to Submitting Your Thesis or Dissertation.

If you need to change or edit your record after you have submitted it, you must seek approval from your school’s administrator or ADAP.

If your school/program requests changes to your record, you will receive an email message stating that your record has been reverted to draft status.

A thesis or dissertation defense must take place in a meeting with the student and the entire, appointed committee.

While it is expected that all members should be physically present, remote participation is permitted under specific conditions.

You can also contact the processor in OGS who is working with a specific file: ETD Formatting Requirements ETD Publishing Options ETD Submission Instructions Thesis and Dissertation FAQs The timing for the appointment of master’s and doctoral committees is quite different.

Doctoral committees are appointed early in the process, shortly before the proposal defense.

You can then replace files and edit your record (see Step 14 and Step 15 of the Quick Guide).

Once you have made the requested changes, click "submit" to re-submit your record for approval. You can check the status of your record by selecting Notifications, View Works, or User Activity, on the ETD site.


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