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With its green and yellow logo, “five-dollar foot-long” jingle, and “Eat fresh” tagline, Subway immediately rises to the top as one of the most recognizable franchises in the country.In fact, the iconic sandwich shop is one of the largest in the world, with nearly 44,000 locations world-wide, according to the Franchise Disclosure Document.Subway listed more than 25,908 open locations in 2017, down from 27,129 in 2015, according to its Franchise Disclosure document.

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Subway’s downsizing trend may bottom out with some of its new initiatives, but franchisees should be cautious about buying a unit that was recently closed.

There is some discord among franchisees, as shown in a list of growing legal disputes franchisees are filing with Subway.

(Starbucks is valued at $44,503 million and KFC trails Subway at $15,131.) Subway franchises don’t only exist in stand-alone restaurants.

The chain allows franchises to operate traditional stores, but franchisees also may open locations in gas stations, rest stops, hospitals, theme parks, and business complexes.

Successful franchises often reach a peak before losing ground, which is exactly what started happening to Subway about three years ago.

In fact, Subway closed more than 1,000 restaurants in the United States last year — way more than it originally planned, according to CNN News.

In addition, Subway invested more than million in its Fresh Now program, which encourages customization with new sauces, toppings, and beverage options, the magazine said.

Thanks to a strong brand and familiar food, Subway franchisees can count on ample support and marketing from the corporate office.

The Subway franchise has distinct specifications related to store set-up, menu, and marketing programs and regional development agents who run those programs and conduct inspections.

The corporate office helps franchisees navigate: While franchisees benefit from a prescribed menu of products and services from the home office, some have experienced frustration related to pricing, store reputation, and saturation in the marketplace.


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