Take A Stand Essay Topics

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And the more different topics (and sometimes hard topics) you choose, the better your skills and the higher the confidence in debates.

Choosing topics for a persuasive speech is not the same as choosing a paper topic because you have to present a speech.

Thus an excellent persuasive speech needs a good topic, right wording, structure, and some presentation skills.

We can help with the first three points (and do it perfectly well), but the presentation part is yours.

Already by looking at the offered topics you can tell that it will be a hard time for you, and maybe you personally oppose something mentioned.

This is why persuasion is an art or like a foreign language that you need to learn.If you plan to write alone, choose a topic from the list we offer and just do it, as the ad says.But anyhow, look at the tips and samples we provide and create the best paper to impress the class.So it is reasonable that the audience will adopt these ideas as well.Use lots of facts to show how history repeats itself, and why we should understand it to avoid mistakes in the future.To give you a visible example, let us write down some kind of intro to a history speech: History has long been known as the science about the past, but also as the lessons we should learn to avoid troubles.Many historical events reflect and repeat themselves in later times, and those who did not pay attention to historical lessons are bound to get into the same trouble again and again.There are many sayings that state how important and valuable history is, but it is better to see once than hear many times.So in this speech (or paper) I will show how history teaches us that it is a mistake to enter some country and fight its population in order to conquer it or appease it because in the last two centuries this venture never ended well for an attacker.You should be ready to say things in front of your audience.So decide if you are willing to take up some embarrassing issue and defend it openly.


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