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As a result, parents had a sense of ownership and were highly supportive of any assignments made.

Teachers will say that homework, if it is to be effective, must serve one of two purposes. Homework cannot be used to introduce a new concept; it should be used to provide students with necessary practice to help them master a concept presented in the classroom.

Some schools and many districts have written policies regarding the degree of involvement parents should have in their children's homework.

Based on a review of many of those documents, I'd like to offer the following suggestions regarding the role of parents in homework: In my classroom, we had a “Homework Council” composed of several parent volunteers.

Teachers often report that the value of homework is threefold: (1) It helps develop good study habits. (3) It communicates to students that learning happens in places outside of school as well as in school.

From studies of effective teaching, we know there is a positive correlation between homework as a learning tool and student achievement in the classroom.

There's nothing to suggest that 100 is any better than 20 (for example).

If 20 gives your students the necessary practice time, why extend it even further?

Timely, frequent, and specific feedback to students has been proven to be the most powerful academic motivator (for the completion of that homework) and has a greater impact on learning.

Have you ever heard a student use that comment in reference to a homework assignment?


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