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Each principle is tied closely to the difficulties students commonly encounter when they engage in comparative thinking.

You'll notice that the four principles of Compare & Contrast are closely aligned with the four classroom phases of Compare & Contrast.

Learn more about how to write engaging compare and contrast essays.

I use a lesson comparing/contrasting photos to introduce the concept to Beginning English Language Learners.

By compiling the available research on effective instruction, Marzano, Pickering, and Pollock found that strategies that engage students in comparative thinking had the greatest effect on student achievement, leading to an average percentile gain of 45 points (p. More recently, Marzano's research in The Art and Science of Teaching (2007) reconfirmed that asking students to identify similarities and differences through comparative analysis leads to eye-opening gains in student achievement.

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Although comparative thinking is a natural operation of our minds and is essential to learning, most students have a difficult time making use of comparisons in school.We all want our students to produce this kind of work—to be able to use comparative thinking independently to advance their own learning.To help us achieve this goal, let's turn our attention to the four principles and the four phases of Compare & Contrast.Here’s a good hard-copy graphic organizer that can be used as a next step after students complete a Venn Diagram.These illustrations show that there are two kinds of people in the world is a very interesting and useful resource if you’re teaching ELLs how to write compare and contrast essays.Enhance Students' Writing in the Content Areas The Compare & Contrast strategy strengthens students' writing skills by providing a simple structure that helps them organize information and develop their ideas with greater clarity and precision.Develop Students' Habits of Mind In their years of research into the defining characteristics of intelligent behavior and thought, Art Costa and Bena Kallick (2008, 2009) have identified 16 “habits of mind.” By nourishing these habits in our students, we give them the tools they need to use their minds well, thus increasing their chance for future success.Figure 1.1 includes a variety of student work samples that span a wide range of content areas and grade levels.As you examine this work, ask yourself, What skills are students demonstrating in this work?Comparative thinking is one of our first and most natural forms of thought.When we are infants, one of the first differences we must identify is that between mother and other.


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