Teaching Kids Critical Thinking

Clicking on these links directs you to a website to purchase the product. The life skill of getting unstuck is vastly underrated.

Nurture and Thrive receives a small fee for this service. To be able to approach a problem in different ways is true innovation — a trait we prize, but we don’t focus on how it develops.

Help your child test their hypotheses with a hands-on project or a way to explore their idea.

This weekend we built a sling-shot for shooting our dog’s tennis balls in the yard– only the sling doesn’t quite work, Simply fill up a bowl with water and have your child guess if different things will float or sink.

I would hold myself back and more often than not, he would persevere.

But on one particularly frustrating tower building session, my husband said, about how to build a strong structure.When your child is stuck on a problem suggest other ways of thinking about it.Say, I remember when my son was 3-years-old and used to get so frustrated with his blocks.I want to raise children who are able to think for themselves and who accept others who think differently from them.Who recognize that different ways of thinking will often bring people together to solve a problem.The next step is realizing that they can change their own thinking.When they get frustrated and stuck on a problem they will have to change how they are thinking about that problem to solve it.* This post may contain affiliate or referral links for your convenience. Being able to change one’s perspective to solve a problem is a life skill.The boy in the book faces skepticism about his idea, but he perseveres. This book illustrates the idea that problems are opportunities and discoveries. This is the story about a girl who daydreams — so much so that she sometimes loses focus in school.It is a story about accepting a new idea, a different idea, and how that idea might just change the world, , except this time it’s a problem that won’t leave the boy alone. This is a great book for illustrating metacognition, Sarabella is lost in her thoughts– but she is self-aware of them too.I think too often our children get the message in school that there is only one correct answer and that conformity is the rule.Then one day, real life happens and suddenly there will no longer be a “right” answer.


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