Teamwork At Work

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Summarise how you have contributed to these teams and helped them meet their goals.

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Most forms of work with more than one employee involve you working as a team.

Team working is a bit more complicated than just being in a group of people getting things done.

People can see you as someone with a positive attitude who thinks the company’s goals are important.

An attitude like this can help you get more opportunities, responsibility, training and promotions over time.

You’re often on your own in an interview, and have to rely on giving examples of your experience to show an employer you’re good at working with others.

If you have an assessment centre or group interview, that’s a great chance to let your team-work skills shine. Which do you think you could work on next time a group project comes up?Your CV is the first place where you can show a future employer your teamwork skills.Record the teams you are involved in from work or personal situations.The 5 top life skills are self belief, communication, self management, teamwork and problem solving. Teamwork is vital if you want to work well with colleagues and teammates.You will probably have to work as part of a team in many areas of life; from class projects to planning a birthday party.Understand how to work in a team Communication, planning, problem solving and negotiating are some of the skills you will need to develop.Work on these skills and your teamwork skills will improve too!You’ve probably worked as part of a team in the past, so try to think about what went well and what didn’t (you can use the STARRS method to do this).Good team working skills will give you more chances to move forward in your career, too.Perhaps you’re working as a team on a construction project where thinking about the health and safety of yourself and your team mates is vital.Maybe you need to pull together as a team to create a monthly report for a client to a tight deadline.


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