Technology Privacy Issues Essay

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Little is known about whether individual users read and are aware of privacy settings.Social networking sites are being used to search people at random and seek information for employment, surveillance or investigation.

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He could have called in my mortgage, discontinued my health insurance or obliterated my Social Security Number."" He felt violated like most people would have in his position.

Keep in mind that was just a person hacking another person's phone and look at all the things they could have done.

I support strengthening policies, because when an individual uses privacy settings to prevent most users from viewing his or her information, the user has an expectation that this information will remain private.

This differs from e-mail, where the sender intends the information to be sent to a specific individual, although this information too can be accessed by others.

Concerns are growing about organizations’ access to personally identifiable data and users are increasingly worried about privacy on social network sites.

The main threat with data gathering is not only from where they are gathering it, but also where it goes afterwards.The First Amendment protects an individual’s right to speak, write, and gather freely so far as it does not cause harm or incite violence.Both Facebook and My Space provide a clear privacy statement to inform users about the limits of protection that the site maintains for the information shared, as well as how the site will use the personal information provided.Understanding privacy as it relates to social networking sites requires understanding how personal information may be shared and the intent of sharing it.Individuals feel that it is within their rights under the First Amendment to post information on a social networking site.Also did you know each time someone uses the ATM, visits the doctor, uses a credit card, chats on the int...Strengthening Privacy Policies and Enforcing Privacy Laws on Social Networking Sites The Internet and new technologies, like social networks, have changed the way people communicate with one another.Privacy is the right to be left alone to do what you want in secret.All across the nation our privacy is being exploited by companies, criminals and drug users.Privacy policies should be improved and privacy laws should be enforced to regulate social networking searching.One definition of privacy as it relates to social networking or other internet sites is defined as personal information that an individual deems important and unattainable by the general population.


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