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He asserts that the society does not know the reasons that make artists write or paint. The writer of the song has come across the paintings of Vincent and has comprehended what Vincent was attempting to illustrate.The writer is attempting to communicate to the listeners that no individual would pay attention to what Vincent was attempting to say, and that individuals did not appreciate the correct meaning of the paintings because they perceived him as peculiar.The composer’s foremost point is that the society should become tolerant.

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The painting of Van Gogh and the song of Don Mc Lean signifies what it feels like when an individual is not understood.

The lines, “Paint your palette blue and gray” highlight the outstanding colors of Van Gogh’s painting, and they most likely are a testimonial to Van Gogh’s behavior of biting or sucking on his paint brushes during painting.

There are a number of situations that help in composing the song.

Mc Lean composed the song in his dwelling filled with antiques.

It ws lso in Vinn, in 1768, tht Jn-Gorgs Novrr producd nw vrsion with music by Josf Strzrin s stir on his rivl, Gspr ngiolini. In romance and finances, the Servantes was quite singularly unsuccessful......

nothr production of Don Quixot ws chorogrphd by Polo Frnchi for th Ttro ll Scl, Miln in Dcmbr 1783. nothr Itlin production, t L Scl, Miln in 1792, ws chorogrphd by ntoin Pitrot to scor by Noccol Zingrlli. Vincent van Gogh: The Starry Night Vincent van Gogh 2. VOCATION IN DON QUIXOTE INTRODUCTION The popularity of Don Quixote is well-known throughout the world.

I think that I will not be wrong if we call Starry Night of Van Gogh the most popular canvas. The writer says about this work surprisingly small.

In letters to his brother Vincent often exhaustively discussed some canvas, however, the Starry Night, he mentioned only twice (in letters 595 and 607).......?

The song makes use of the strings, guitar, vibraphone, and accordion (Whitburn 166).

This paper will analyze the song, Vincent, by Don Mc Lean, focusing on the lyrics, symbol, context, writing technique and how the music blends with the meaning of the song.


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