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He said textile designing departments will also boost country’s textile industry.

The works on display included knitted, woven and printed fabrics, furniture, apparel and interior designs.

Nothing stays still” is the crux of Heraclitus’ Doctrine of Flux (circa 500 B. E.), as held by Plato and Aristotle, which states that:1) everything is in constant flux, 2) opposites are identical, and therefore, 3) everything is and is not at the same time.

This collection takes inspiration from this argument and other fragments by Heraclitus and explores the logical incongruity and haziness of his ideas.

Heraclitus writes in riddles and paradoxical analogies.

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Even the idea of ‘constant change’ implies a contradiction.In an uneven placement of the blocks to form a picture, she has covered some with leather, suede, hand prints and machine embroidery.The colours are the same as in the traditional mazaars in Multan with blue, cobalt and turquoise most prominent.She hopes to help her father, a textile designer, though she does not want to limit herself to designing only.“I want to explore the functionality aspect of design,” she said.A faculty member told APP that the university is playing an important role in promoting quality education in the country.She said graduates of the university are contributing toward the socioeconomic development of the country. Representatives of the textile industry also visited the exhibition and took keen interest in the thesis display.They said such exhibitions promote creativity and among students.She said she had woven three yards of fabric in a week to create a surface that looked like a spider’s web in form of umbrellas.She said she focused on aesthetics rather than on functionality.


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