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Created By The God Of Cookery The name Sorrowful Rice was born in 1996 through the smash-hit comedy movie The God Of Cookery.The protagonist, played by Stephen Chow, is gifted a bowl of roasted pork rice with fried egg by his female counterpart played by Karen Mok.

From cha chaan tengs to fine restaurants at hotels, there’s a rice bowl dish that has completely penetrated Hong Kong’s dining culture, so much so that the locals all know it by its intriguing moniker, gam yin siu wan fan, which roughly translates from Cantonese to “sorrowful rice”.

Sorrowful Rice is composed of simply roasted pork, fried egg and rice.

Unsurprisingly, its reputation spread overseas to the restaurants in mainland China, Taiwan and Singapore that served Hong Kong style cuisine, as they gave eager foreign diners a taste of the legend.

The God Of Cookery made a convincing counter-argument to the attitude that only the likes of extravagant dishes like Buddha Jumps Over The Wall deserved admiration.

In a way, these new entries are the antithesis of the people’s food we have known and enjoyed.

Deep-fried custard, locally known as gwo zaa, is a traditional Cantonese snack on the verge of extinction.

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Real-life Remakes The movie’s popularity propelled restaurants of all ranks to release their versions of Sorrowful Rice or rename the same dish already existing on their menu to attract curious diners.

Some hotels even held cooking competitions dedicated to Sorrowful Rice.


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