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John Dee, urged the expansion 'Brytish Impire' and drew the English claim to an North Atlantic empire.Richard Hakluyt later joined Dee, Hakluyt was the editor of volumes of reports of explorations by Englishmen, his 'discourse of western planting' (as the colonies were called) was issued 1584 which summed up the statements of justifications for the colonizations of America; it would increase the possibility for trading, and military and naval resources.The environmental change was sometimes rapid and dramatic as when islands, previously forested, were inverted into sugar plantations; the full effect of others related to the colonial period have only become unmistakable in present times.2 The contemporary world is sharply divided between rich and poor.

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Leaving it as a completely different place than it was before, the legacy of which we can see today. Background History as a subject has always been one of my interests, and when a got the assignment in which I were to write about an English-speaking country the subject was obvious.

Since I do not know that much about the British empire, especially the decline of which, I decided that this should be the subject of my research. Aim and questions The purpose of this study is to compile the literature of the history of the British empire with an emphasis on its fall. Method For this study I have used a quantitative method by collecting information from earlier studies, literature and lectures, which I thought was the most suitable method for this type of study.

Nevertheless, Google-books provided a copious amount of literature so my limited resources did not affect the outcome of the study.

Other sources used in this research is lectures, also online, from Gresham college. The world shaped by Empire The colossal territorial empire ruled by the British extended over a large part of the North America, much of the Caribbean, great portions of Africa south of Sahara, the whole of the Indian subcontinent and Australasia, South-East Asian and pacific dominions, and even the Middle East for some time.

The empire did not only change the people but the land in which they lived.

The land and its resources were used in new ways due to new structures of farming, mining and manufacturing.

The British empire deeply shaped the modern world, many of the today's non-European countries owe their existence to empires, especially to the British.

Boundaries where fixed by conquest and partition treaties, and the ethnic composition of many countries was determined by the empire.

This in turn led to large European merchants coming over to partake in the palm oil industry, ultimately leading to the British enslaving the Nigerian people in order to produce the oil and demonstrate their power over them.

Not only were the British exerting power, but their influence had grown as the Church of England’s Church Missionary Society promoted their own health care and education, which demonstrates another tactic of the British to colonize Nigeria, by means of converting Nigerians to Christians (Soomo, 2013).


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