The Cold War Essay

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The second conference was held just after the defeat of Germany at Yalta in the Crimea (1945).

There, the three leaders decided to split Germany four ways, with each bit being controlled by France, Russia, USA or Britain.

Stalin wanted complete control over Eastern Europe, therefore despising his approval of the free elections of Eastern Europe. Furthermore, Stalin had the idea that because Attlee and Truman were new to the job, they would be weak leaders.

In August 1945 at the Potsdam conference, three main decisions were approved of; new boundaries of Poland was agreed; Berlin as well as Germany had been divided now; and finally Surviving Nazi Leaders were allowed to have legal trials at Nuremberg for war crimes.

The Marshall plan was also set up; this promised American aid to European countries to help rebuild their damaged economies.

Even after these four measures of preventions had been set up, communism and capitalism still remained in conflict. In 1948 the western allies agreed to a single government in their zones of Berlin and a new currency to help economic recovery.President Truman was determined to halt the increase of it.As a result of his determination ‘The Iron Curtain’ was put up to separate the communist side (East) from the Capitalist side (West).The Cold War was completely based on forming alliances and making plans for the future of Europe. This must have been because both sides had atomic weapons and hydrogen bombs.This made them afraid to attack each other as they might wipe out the nations of the world.The Berlin Airlift was expensive and difficult but it worked.The people of West Berlin refused to communicate with the communist East Berlin and the Russians realised that, to interfere with the Airlift was likely to cause another war.This, and the fact that USA deliberately did not tell the USSR about the development and use of the atom bomb on Japan, made each of then suspicious of each other.Now that Stalin wanted Communism throughout Eastern Europe, he used the theory, ‘Domino Theory’ (which stated that when communism took over one country, the neighbouring countries were next in line to be threatened.Along side ‘The Iron Curtain’ in 1947 ‘Containment’ was the US policy of preventing further spread of communism.It involved creating a network of anti-communist allies and sending military and economic aid to the USA’s friends; the Truman Doctrine was created; this was a promise that the USA would help any country threatened by a communist take over.


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