The Homework Machine Lesson Plans

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I change the activities for each day weekly, except that they always take home books to read on Mondays or the beginning of the week, and they always return their homework on Fridays or the last day of the week.First of all, let me establish that my district requires nightly homework at all grade levels, so I really don’t have a choice about whether or not I want to assign it.

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So, I would rather have parents spending their time on reading activities.

When I taught first grade, I gave math homework every night, as well as literacy homework. I have a prize box with old toys in it, such as Happy Meal toys, etc. I let the children that bring back their Read Aloud Charts choose a prize from the prize box, too. Later in the year, when we really start sounding out words, I add another chart that is similar to the Read Aloud Chart, but says “Sounding Out Words Practice Chart” at the top.

In this post, I will tell you how I create homework for kindergarten and manage it as quickly and easily as possible. The free download for the cover sheet of the homework is editable, too, so that you can change it each week to reflect what you are working on in your own class.

I also love that it doubles as a weekly newsletter for parents, and it forces me to be very concise.

The children are supposed to have about 15 minutes of homework nightly.

The children that are struggling do wind up with more, because they also need to drill on letters and sounds, etc., that in order to catch up to the rest of the class.Gutman is a talented writer with dozens of children's books to his credit, and his latest is a funny and thought-provoking tale that should appeal equally to boys and girls. James Neal Webb thinks adults dread helping with homework as much as children dread doing it.Grades: Any Lesson Plan Summary: Read The Homework Machine poem and have students draw what it would look like. I use this with primary students, but it could be used for any grade." and "What kind of noises do you think the machine would make? Older grades can answer questions like "Why do you think the machine didn't work properly? We would love to get a picture to add to this activity page! Every so often, people ask me what I give for Kindergarten homework.Read the class the poem "The Homework Machine" by Shel Silverstein.When you are finished, tell the class to draw and color a picture of what they think the homework machine would look like.The four children, all fifth graders in Miss Rasmussen's class at Grand Canyon School, are as different as any four 11-year-olds could be, but they have one thing in common all are somewhat isolated from their peers. When Brenton and his three classmates are assigned to the same study group by their first-year teacher, the others discover that Brenton has created a time-saving gadget to do his homework for him.Sam's a newcomer and has had his share of school trouble before; Kelsey quietly carries her grief at losing her father; Judy's righteous sense of indignation constantly irritates others; and Brenton . While the boy genius is perfectly capable of doing the homework himself, Sam, Kelsey and Judy could use the help.Soon the kids are in a race against their own creation, and the loser could end up in jail..worse!What would you do if you were a fifth grader facing a huge homework load every night, and you found out that there was a machine that would do all the work for you? ) That's the situation presented to Sam, Kelsey, Judy and Brenton in Dan Gutman's entertaining new book for young readers, The Homework Machine. Brenton is easily the smartest kid in school, so smart that even his parents and teachers have trouble keeping up with him.


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