The Practice Of Creative Writing A Guide For Students

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AH: HS: My students love a lesson I learned from Dylan Landis who learned it from Tony Earley, going cold, though I think I teach it differently from what they have in mind.

The Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP) recognizes that colleges and universities have different strengths and missions, and AWP encourages innovation and variety in the pedagogy of creative writing.

Among its member programs, however, AWP has recognized common elements of an effective BFA program in creative writing.

Programs that establish the major in creative writing should also offer elective courses in creative writing for non-majors.

In these elective courses students from all disciplines may acquire a deeper understanding of the components of rhetoric and the elements of literature while they gain fluency in persuasive communication.

In January 2012, I sat in a second-floor classroom that rounded into a castle-like turret: Graves Hall at Hope College. Outside, snow was falling and inside my peers and I leaned forward in our rolly chairs. It is a great privilege to be her student again as an MFA candidate at the University of South Florida, where Dr. Heather Sellers: The best part about writing the textbook is it’s like my learning lab.

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Lawrence University, and at Hope College in Holland, Michigan, where we first met. Allyson Hoffman: The third edition of your textbook, The Practice of Creative Writing: A Guide for Students,is now available from Bedford/St. What are some of the challenges you’ve found when writing about the craft of creative writing, and what are some of the thrills you’ve had?

The other great thing about revising the textbook is choosing new authors, young contemporary writers from all over, and incorporating their work into the book.

It’s a delicate surgery, though, getting it all to fit together, lifting out the older pieces and suturing in the fresh ones.

Others are coming and going—off to a reader, back from an editor—and they need a very different kind of attention. I read a lot about Florida history, the natural world, and art.

My work is just trying to move everyone through the process, and not rush, but there’s always some rushing.


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