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The language skills presented by Shakespeare help make the play seem extremely sophisticated and fashionable.A theme clearly brought out in “The tempest” is the illusion of justice.This is a simple story where the unjust act occurs when Prospero’s brother usurps his throne.

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Shakespeare uses language in the play by putting depth of meaning into a word.

The prose is lyrical, the words are very descriptive and one can easily get lost in them.

In the play many thought of Caliban as a native to the island and nobody gave any real definition of his appearance.

Trinculo’s words magnify his differences since he compares him to an animal with almost no resemblance to a man.

It is evident in the play that Prospero’s view of justice is one-sided and always involves what is good for him.

One could say the play is morally ambiguous because the play does not offer a higher power or justice capable of superseding Prospero and his interpretation of events.

Many scholars believe that “The Tempest” is the last play written entirely by Shakespeare given its original plot.

The play employs code switching between "lower" forms and elevated literary language, between low art and high art, characteristic of the contemporary literature. The Tempest is a play that undeniably deserves to be considered a classic because of the way language is used to convey meaning.

William Shakespeare is considered to be the most influential writer in all English literature.

“The Tempest” is thought to have been written between 16 and was first performed by the King’s men in 1611.


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