The Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal

The test is designed to be an accurate measure of the candidate’s ability to: Research has indicated that the test is also a good way to measure a candidate’s creative thinking ability.

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If you’re expected to pass a critical thinking test, remember that it might not specifically be the Watson Glaser appraisal.

Therefore, the time limit and number of questions in your test might differ.

Critical thinking refers to a person’s ability to observe a scenario and have a clear understanding of that scenario from multiple points of view.

The person should be able to separate the facts of the scenario from personal opinions and assumptions.

To assess the critical thinking skills of prospective employees organizations have turned to Pearson Assessments, administrators of The Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal Test.

The Watson Glaser Test, authored by Goodwin Watson and Edwin Glaser, is a psychometric assessment used as a part of the pre-employment screening process and internal audits at just about all career levels, including and not limited to recent graduates, managers, and high-level executives.Speaking to persons who have previously sat for the exam is also strongly recommended.These persons might be able to help with the practice questions, point you in the direction of additional resources they may have used to prepare as well as provide some insight about handling your usual pre-exam jitters.The second variation is shorter; the exam has 40 questions with a time limit of 30 minutes.The test is available in English (British and American), French, Dutch, and Spanish making it widely available and widely accepted.The test is internationally available and is used by a large number of corporations and educational institutions to assess prospective employees and students.Below is a list of a few organizations, which currently rely on the Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Test: Pearson Assessments Limited believes there is no way to really prepare for the Watson Glaser Test.Employers generally administer the test remotely and often unsupervised, or they may arrange with nearby assessment centers to assist with the process.There are two variations of the exam, an older variant, which consists of 80 questions with a time limit of 60 minutes.Finally, there’s no set material that you need to learn for the test.By this, we mean that you won’t need to revise a case study or enter with prior knowledge of the role you’re applying for any wider knowledge about the working world.


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