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Please note that this is NOT a complete collection of Baylor theses. theses beginning with Fall 2005, which will be added to this BEARdocs collection after degrees are awarded.To search all Baylor theses, use Bear Cat, the Baylor Libraries' online catalog. If you have questions about Baylor's Theses and Dissertation in BEARdocs, contact the Graduate School.SAGE Research Methods Online allows researchers to explore their chosen methodology and research concepts to help them design research projects, understand particular methodologies or identify a new methodology, conduct their research, and write up their findings.

Holz PDF Thermomechanical Processing Of Mg-Li-Al Ultralight Alloys, Rezawana Islam PDF Impacts Of Cold Region Hydroclimatic Variability On Phosphorus Exports: Insights From Concentrations - Discharge Relationships, Tyson Lee Jeannotte PDF Per- And Polyfluoroalkyl Substances In The Soil Environment: Sorption, Bioaccumulation And Biotransformation, Bosen Jin PDF Earthquake Loading Effects On The Buckling Of Liquid Filled Cylindrical Storage Tanks, Hailey Johnson PDF Prestige, Status, And Esteem And The Teacher Shortage, Scott G.

Klimek PDF Chromium Selenide Synthesis And Characterization, Alexander Kukay PDF Enhancing Liquid And Gas Separation With Activated Carbon Mixed-Matrix Membranes, Jeremy Lewis PDF Performance Based Testing Specifications For Asphalt Pavement Construction In North Dakota, Jun Liu PDF Principals' Perspectives Regarding Grades 9-12 Black, Asian, And Latino Males In North Dakota Public Schools, Maggie Harrison Lowery PDF Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy As A Mechanism For Observing And Measuring Neurological Effects Of Experienced Child Abuse And Alcohol Abuse, Christopher Anton Mark PDF The Detection Of ADHD Malingering Among College Students: A New Look At Figure Drawings, Heather Lynn Mcconnell PDF Inflammation Is A Common Factor Between Central And Peripheral Neurodegeneration, Brett Anthony Mcgregor PDF Applying Machine Learning To Asteroid Classification Utilizing Spectroscopically Derived Spectrophotometry, Kathleen Jacinda Mcintyre PDF Nmr Characterization And Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery Using Surfactants In Unconventional Reservoirs, Mohamed Mohamed Awad Mohamed PDF Decision Analytics Using Permissioned Blockchain “Commledger”, Atif Farid Mohammad PDF Examining The Perceptions Of Bullying Between Certified And Non-Certified School Personnel, Shanna Morlock PDF Avian Ig Y As An Immunotherapy For Flaviviral Infections, Kyle O'donnell PDF Synthesis Of Biodegradable Star-Shaped Polymers Using Bio-Based Polyols Via Ring-Opening Polymerization Of Β-Butyrolactone With Amido-Oxazolinate Zinc Catalysts, Rawan Omar PDF Coping Styles As Mediators Between American Indian Cultural Identification And Life Satisfaction, Micah Louis Prairie Chicken PDF Corn, Wheat, And Switchgrass Biomass Production In The Northern Plains: Evaluating Opportunities And Tradeoffs, Rob Alan Proulx PDF The Influence Of Media Bias Perception On Space Publications, Benjamin Robert Raback-Schink PDF Measuring Friendship Maintenance In Gay Men, Eliah Reding PDF Exploring K-12 Superintendent Turnover: Career Advancement Or Dissatisfaction Realized?

Finding Northeastern Dissertations: Northeastern master's theses and doctoral dissertations are searchable in Scholar One Search.

2008 to the present: Most Northeastern theses and dissertations can be downloaded from our Digital Repository Service (Open Access) or Dissertations and Theses @NU (Proquest).

Campion PDF Clustering Analysis Of Precipitation Sized Particles In Various Synoptic Regimes Using In Situ Observations, Samantha Carr PDF Cross-Country Comparisons In Health-Related Fitness Among European Children And Adolescents, Kevin Carver PDF Health Aspects Of Community-Engaged Natural Play Space Planning, Design, And Implementation, Eric Castle PDF Characteristics Of Individuals Who Participate In Autoerotic Asphyxiation Practices: An Exploratory Study, Lauren Chapple PDF Examining The Effects Of Breakthrough Coaching On Instructional Leadership, Kevin Neil Clace PDF Interfacing The CFD Code MFi X With The PETSc Linear Solver Library To Achieve Reduced Computation Times, Lauren Clarke PDF Some Features Of Participant Reference In Xochapa Mixtec, Laura J.

Cline PDF Examining Teacher Perceptions On Change In Secondary School Libraries To Promote Informational Literacy, Sarah Crary PDF The Persistence Of Orientalism And The Positive Portrayal Of The Gulen Movement In The New York Times And In The Wall Street Journal Between 19, Yonca Ipek Cubuk Uzundag PDF Dieter's Deficit: Preoccupation And Working Memory, Kelly Cuccolo PDF A Comparative Analysis Of Manned And Unmanned Aviators's Approach To Safety, Aaron Marlo Dahl PDF Intergenerational Perspectives On Leadership By Men Of The Three Affiliated Tribes, Chad Beldon Dahlen PDF Teacher-Writer Perceptions On The Essence Of Writing: Influences, Identity And Habits Of Mind To Sustain A Writing Life, Shari L.Find theses and dissertations from many institutions.Full-text from 1997-present; abstracts available for documents published before 1997.Select the Advanced Search option, use an "anywhere," "title," or "author" search, and select Thesis/Dissertation Collection from the Location dropdown menu.You may search for additional theses and dissertations in the Pro Quest Dissertations and Theses: Full Text database available in the A-Z Resource List.This page also includes the TAMIU Graduate Thesis and Dissertation Manual Pro Quest Dissertations and Theses Full Text: The Humanities and Social Sciences Collection This is the most comprehensive collection of dissertations and theses on humanities and social sciences.Full text includes millions of dissertations and theses from around the world from 1861 to the present day.TAMIU Electronic Theses and Dissertations Collection (ETD) Our growing ETD collection offers open access to theses and dissertations submitted by TAMIU students and approved by the Office of Graduate Studies and Research from 2013 to present.Theses & Dissertations in Special Collections & Archives Special Collections has 2 collections of materials relating to theses & dissertations: TAMIU Thesis/Dissertation Page The Office of Graduate Studies and Research provides guidelines and support information for TAMIU students embarked in writing a master thesis or a doctoral dissertation., Francis Arthur Schill PDF A Presidential Leadership Process For Higher Education In Small, Rural Institutions And Settings, Teresa Caplinger Spaeth PDF Influences Of Nesting Behaviors In Common Eiders (Somateria Mollissima Sedentaria) In The Western Hudson Bay, Tanner John Stechmann PDF The Reliability Of Indirect Assessments Of Standing Forward Head Posture In Asymptomatic Adults, Bailey Strand PDF Reservoir Characterization And Simulation Of Enhanced Oil Recovery For Bakken, Runxuan Sun PDF Technology And Economy Analysis Of Waste Truck Tires Management, Irina Tsiryapkina PDF Evaluation Of CO2 Flooding In Tight Formation, Sai Wang PDF Hunting And Fishing Attitudes, Behaviors And Ethics Related To Gender And Aggression, Victoria Williams PDF Development Of DNA-Based Biosensors And Antibacterial Additive, Yuqian Xing PDF The Effects of Cultural Participation on Health Outcomes among American Indian/Alaska Native Elders, Collette Adamsen PDF Comparing Source Rock Maturity With Pore Size Distribution And Fluid Saturation In The Bakken-Three Forks Petroleum System, Williston Basin, North Dakota, Adedoyin Suleman Adeyilola PDF Molecular Dynamics Simulation Of Gas Transport And Adsorption In Ultra-Tight Formations, Yannick Tambe Agbor PDF Faculty and Staff Perceptions About Concealed Carry Initiatives and Their Effect on Campus Safety: A Multi-State Examination, Heidi Marie Ahl-Quanbeck PDF Female Faculty Perspectives On Blended Learning At Universities In Saudi Arabia, Hind Hamed B Alghanmi PDF Educational Leadership Development In Saudi Arabia: Experiences Of Participants Of The Saudi Oxford Program For Educational Leaders, Azizah Fhad Alogali PDF Evaluation Of Nest Fate Classification Accuracy, Research Activities And Nesting Behaviors Of Least Terns And Piping Plovers On The Missouri River, Alicia Kyren Andes PDF A Multi-Stage Electricity Price Forecasting For Day-Ahead Markets, Radhakrishnan Angamuthu Chinnathambi PDF Seismic Analysis Of Wind Turbines, Sam Austin PDF Self-Determined Motivation in Foreign Language Learning: Examining the Effects on Students' Achievement, Yawo Badagbo PDF Battered Women Who Kill: Stereotype Influence Through The Media, Sonja Bauman PDF Quantifying Extravehicular Activity Performance Degradation Due To Sustenance Deprivation, Eryn Beisner PDF Differentiating Active And Passive Fatigue States With The Use Of Electroencephalography, Kyle Anthony Bernhardt PDF Regional Airline Study: The Impact Of Operational Volume On Performance At Capacity Constrained Airports, Brady Bjerke PDF Intonation Production And Perception In Children With Developmental Language Impairment, Afua Blay PDF A Tapestry Of Educational Technology Women Leaders In Higher Education: A Qualitative Study, Jane Braaten Overmoe PDF Metropolitan Job Loss In The Great Recession: Where Did Those Who Lost Jobs Reside?, Peter Brandt PDF The Impact Of Implicit Attitudes On Behavioral Intentions To Prevent Suicide, Julio Brionez PDF Investigating The Impact Of Offset Fracture Hits Using Rate Transient Analysis In The Bakken And Three Forks Formation, Divide County, North Dakota, Cody Lee Brown PDF Morphological And Genetic Analysis Of Embryo Specific Mutants In Maize, Dale Cletus Brunelle PDF Investigation Of Multi-Criteria Clustering Techniques For Smart Grid Datasets, Mitch J.


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