Thesis About Internet Usage

The Internet is an unavoidable resource to students for their day today academic activities and it is now occupies a central role in any academic environment.Students may employ the internet in an educational matters such as writing paper, searches for answers to questions and preparing for assignments and others.However on the flip side, time spent in activities where surfing the internet occurs could substitute away from time allocated to reading, studying and completing homework, this may hurt the student’s academic performance.Internet was created in October 1969 in United State ( Malaysia, internet expected to start year 1995 and increase the usage to public in year 1996.CHAPTER 1 – INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY.Internet means a global computer network providing a variety of information facilities of communication, consisting of interconnected networks use the standard of communication protocols (The internet growth has created a new scientific communication system with new facilities that are competing with the traditional sources of information.The present study investigated impact of internet use on academic performance of teachers and researcher in university setup.Student’s academic references have changed dramatically in the recent years.The present day students spending more time on internet and their reading and reference style is changed drastically from the traditional methods.


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