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The music industry, although, has been abused by free websites.They are offering information on how to get new music without permission from the artists. Although the internet has also been saved by the music industry....

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[tags: Music industry, Record label] - Who is your all-time favorite artist or band.

Chances are you’ve seen them in concert one or five times, and perhaps you even bought a t-shirt to remember the night.

Regardless of your musical preferences, fans just like you make up the audiences that every aspiring musician hopes to perform and create music for one day.

Yet the most essential, and often overlooked, member of every band is one who never even steps foot on stage– it’s manager.

People go to free websites and download all the unlimited music they want for free. [tags: Music industry, Record label] - “Until the development of the MP3, the majors welcomed technological innovations as opportunities to resell the same music over and over again with higher profits” (qtd. As the years have passed, technological advances significantly affected the production of music.

The lack of industrial control, the fluctuation of labor, along with the uncertainty in the surrounding fields of labor, and the process of individuality and business management among independent musicians are results of this technological takeover....

The lighting erupts into life along with the music and dancers take centre stage.

A voice then announces the entrance of Lady Gaga and, rising from a platform underneath the stage, she greets the crowd and starts performing her first song....

The birth of digital file sharing created uproar in the music industry as the opportunities for piracy escalated (Freedman, 2003).

Contrary, this forced the music industry to retaliate; causing monumental changes in the way music was created, formatted, distributed and consumed....


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