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Then viola, you just managed to move your navigation menu of your homepage to locate below your header image like the rest of your pages.

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To save yourself time and effort, please use our Dissertation Template (link available in the box to the right).

Many of the correct settings are already included in that document.

These documents provide information that will help you use Microsoft Word effectively for your dissertation.

Topics such as special pagination for the front matter or landscape pages and combining documents are also included.We'll continue working on the same project as last time and the first thing we will do is make the document two-sided so that we save paper by printing on both sides. To configure the page layout, we enter instructions into the square brackets of this command.The first thing we will do is change the paper size.This guide will help you use Microsoft Word for your dissertation.Topics include: formatting page numbers, using chapter templates, footnotes, images, and figures.By default the paper size is set to US letter but we'll change this to You will notice that on even pages the text is positioned slightly closer to the right-hand side and on odd pages it's closer to the left.Or in other words, the inner margin is smaller than the outer: This is due to us specifying the option but it often confuses people.To illustrate, let me show you one of my blogs where the top navigation menu stubbornly stuck at the top (I have changed the layout of the blog now): While top menu for the other pages have moved downwards: Previously I had encountered this problem but did not know how to solve it. This happens to users who set for their homepage to display a static page instead of latest posts.Users who uses a static page (in Word Press settings where they have changed their site/blog homepage to display a static page) would have the navigation menu remaining on the top of the header: As the default template in Thesis theme is to have the menu appearing on top, if you wish to move the menu to appear beneath the header image, the solution is very simple.Skin Editor and create a new page template: Let’s call the new template Front Page: Have the Front Page template to follow the “Home” template by directly copying from the “Home” layout.Check again to double confirm that the Nav menu of your new Front Page template is located below the header like how you preferred it to be.


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