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Most recently, I needed to create Word Press custom post types.

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When Thesis 2.0 came out last year, it was a big surprise – the framework changed almost beyond recognition.

At first, change was All those comforting little familiar nuances were gone.

You can also remove a lot of the default thesis elements if you want to.

[post_image] Adding an element to your Thesis design is very simple.

It makes things super easy for the Thesis Version 1.8 and 1.9. You can learn hooks easily you don’t need as much PHP knowledge with the knowledge of these hooks you can customize any part of thesis theme.

Basically, Hooks are used for customizing the Thesis theme. Various hooks from thesis 1.6 cover various part of thesis theme layout.

Feature Branch Notifier is an alternative solution to launching builds dynamically on different branches.

Instead of cloning projects and configuring them to work on different branches, one job's builds will run on branches that have updates.

It is basically a two step process: Before, you scream and run for the hills, let me take you through this. There is a bit of a learning curve, but once you figure it out, you’ll never want to do things any other way.

Word Press functions are extraordinarily simple to write. We named the function and added the content we wanted (in this case, an affiliate link). Basically, if you add a function to a hook, the content contained in that function will appear at the location of that hook.


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