Thesis On Learning Styles And Academic Performance

Thesis On Learning Styles And Academic Performance-7
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Every teacher and every parent hopes that their students will succeed in school.

Sur, S/Y 2000 – 2001 and its relation to academic performance in three tool subjects.

Specific questions put forward were: 1) What are the learning styles of pupils in relation to personal, physical, and physiological elements?

In the classroom, it is important to have a variety of experiences that will allow students to perform well.

It doesn’t take much observation of a student to determine what their learning style is.

A kinesthetic learner might choose to take notes while the lecture is being given so that they have multiple experiences with the information.

Information becomes more tangible to learners when information is presented in ways that appeal to their learning styles.

The physical action allowed me to have a great study tool, but enforced my learning style by giving me something to do.

Once I learned this about myself and understood how to work with it, I thrived.


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