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John Humphrey Noyes talks about Jesus being a battery who will charge you with electric life.He believed some ways of communicating this magnetic fluid were more effective, like having sexual intercourse.” In fact, Oneida is the name of a First Nations tribe that occupied much of upstate New York long before it was called upstate New York.Those, along with the myriad publications like books and newspapers the Oneida Community put out into the world, are now housed at the Oneida Community Collection at Syracuse University.

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Most scandalously, commune members engaged in a system of “complex marriage,” believing that loving, open sexual relationships could bring them closer to God.

They believed the liquid electricity of Jesus Christ’s spirit flowed through words and touch, and that a chain of sexual intercourse would create a spiritual battery so charged with God’s energy that the community would transcend into immortality, creating heaven on earth.

At the time, industrialization in the United States was just gearing up, threatening to unravel the fabric of Americans’ agrarian lifestyle as they knew it.

Before the 19th century, Americans believed they’d left the ugly, inequitable factory system of England behind.

At the end of the day, attendees danced to the music of Jimmy Dorsey’s orchestra.

At the festivities, the company touted its patriotism and contributions to American capitalism, as well as its devotion to social equality and the golden rule.

Given those deep roots, along with its later symbolism as the brand of flatware most associated with American middle-class aspirationalism and traditional gender roles, it’s doubly ironic that Oneida Limited actually emerged from a 19th-century polyamorous communist Christian utopia known as the Oneida Community.

Founded in 1848, and in operation for just over three decades, the Oneida Community was profoundly revolutionary for its time, paving the way for advances in women’s and workers’ rights.

The first time you heard the word “Oneida,” it was probably in the context of silverware.

Perhaps it was before a Christmas dinner, when your mom or grandmother instructed you get out the “good silver” made by Oneida Limited.


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