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Intelligent Agents can be used for better search and information retrieval in a document collection.The information required by a user is scattered in a large number of databases.”Web scraping using HTML parsing is often used on webpages which share similar HTML structure.

Below is a diagram of the internal workings of a typical web crawler: The queue listed above is often called the “frontier”, and in the case of “focused” or “topical” web crawlers, the URLs in this list might be scored and ranked in a priority queue.

In addition, URLs might be filtered from the queue based on their domain or filetype.

(As an aside, you should check a site’s terms of service before embarking on either of those tasks — ESPN and All Recipes ask you not to do so.

In some cases, these services have public APIs, which you can access for the same data in a legal fashion.)Beautiful Soup is a Python library for parsing HTML and allowing for easy traversal of HTML trees (more on this below). Example: Say I wanted to know all of the names, ages, and breeds of the dogs, cats and small animals currently up for adoption at the Boulder Humane Society.

In the following essay, I will briefly define a web crawler, and describe a method it is often used in conjunction with, i.e. Then I would like to highlight a Python package which can be used for this purpose called Beautiful Soup.

I’ll conclude with a fun demonstration of web scraping, by collecting data on the pets available for adoption in my hometown.

I could write a Python script to request these pages and parse them using Beautiful Soup!

Industry 4.0 is a name attributed to the process of automation and data exchange in production technologies.

A web crawler is a program which systematically navigates the internet indexing webpages.

The most famous application of web crawling is Google’s Search Engine.


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