Thesis Proposals Assumptions

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Developing a tentative thesis is one of the most important stages in the process of researching.In this stage, students will learn to move toward a position or an answer to their question and support it with arguments and counter-arguments.

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Tentative means they may decide to modify or refine their theses as their research progresses.

The following sections provide sample in-class and overnight exercises: Your tentative thesis is not a recap of evidence you have encountered in your research; rather, it is a statement of your position based on your synthesis of the ideas and perspectives you have encountered thus far.

In todays society it is most commonly perceived that parents are the reason their children are and act personality wise as individuals....

[tags: Nature versus nurture, Psychology] - Perception is part of human nature.

[tags: Economics, Supply and demand] - The economic rationality assumption has given an important connation for the market efficiency, as it has been the base to carry out the construction of the modern knowledge in standard finance.

Resulting in the development of the most important insights in finance, such as arbitrage pricing theory of Miller and Modigliani, the Markowitz portfolio optimization, the capital asset pricing theory of Sharp, Lintner and Sharp and the option-pricing model of Black, Scholes and Merton (Pompian, 2006 and Lo, 2005)....Your next task is to isolate the most powerful arguments surrounding your question (both those that support your position and those that oppose it).One way to think about your supporting arguments is that they provide the "because" to the question "why is your thesis so?Some of the most common inadequacies of alternative perspectives are that: All of us have biases formed through experience, study, etc., that we don't articulate. The process of anticipating the answer you expect to find at this early stage provides you with an opportunity to explore your assumptions about your subject.When you identify the outcome you expect (your tentative thesis), you can begin interrogating your biases, assumptions and values. For this assignment, review your research to identify the most compelling argument in support of your tentative thesis and the most significant alternative perspective to your thesis.Every research study should contain a concise and well-written thesis statement.If the intent of the study is to prove/disprove something, that research report will also contain a hypothesis statement.Political economists view such theory as being inherently flawed given the break in logic: neoclassical pricing theory relies on the assumptions of perfect competition (affects supply curve), full and complete information, and unrealistic assumptions on consumer behaviour (affects demand curve, Kriesler 2015).The assumption of perfect competition is what renders the neoclassical model as inapplicable- it unrealistically assumes that there are an infinite number of buyers and sellers in a fully-informed market of identical products....Writers are sometimes tempted to attend only to the arguments that make their case, and to hope readers will be persuaded by those.But a powerful argument also anticipates the alternative perspectives that readers are most likely to entertain and responds to them, identifying their inadequacies.


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