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Vapors can ignite from high temperatures, or small sparks from static electricity or other sources.Don’t store these flammables near a heating source, but preferably outside the home in a cool, ventilated area. Decorating for the holidays accounts for hundreds of house fires each year.Use the tips below to ensure you get ones that are right for your family: Having fire extinguishers in your home and knowing how to use them is a crucial part of your home’s emergency plan.

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It’s easy to think of just how nice everything looks without realizing its potential hazard. ESPN anchor Hannah Storm’s accident last year brought grilling safety to the forefront of people’s minds.

If done properly, grilling is perfectly safe, but without thought or care it can turn dangerous very quickly.

Many of these tips are common sense, and yet when we have other things on our mind (especially at dinnertime, around the holidays, etc.), we can lose track of those basic precautions we’re normally on top of.

You can never play it too safe with fire prevention.

Fire was nearly everywhere, some places more vigorously than others.

The amount of burning was, by today's standards, staggering.

A developing nation, still primarily agricultural, the United States had a fire-flushed landscape not unlike those of Brazil and Indonesia in more recent decades.

While lightning accounted for some ignition, and steam power (notably locomotives) for a growing fraction, the principal sources of fire were people—people burning for hunting, for traditional foraging, for landclearing, for clearing field fallow, for pasturage, for the ecological equivalent of housecleaning.

The most valuable things in the world — our home and families — depend on it.

For the 1880 census, Charles Sargent mapped forest fires.


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