Thesis Statement On The Jungle By Upton Sinclair

Arthur’s book offers an enlightening account of Sinclair’s life and the country he helped to transform, taking readers from the Reconstruction South to the rise of American power to the pinnacle of Hollywood culture to the Civil Rights era. Chapter IIIBefore they begin work, the family tours one of the packing plants and is amazed at the activity and apparent efficiency.1. What characteristics of Durham and company impress the family? What indications are there on this initial tour that working conditions at Durham’s will be difficult? What concerns Teta Elzbieta at the signing of the papers? How does Jurgis’ outlook on life and humanity change? What unknown hazards account for the poor health of the children?

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The Jungle is the best-known of the muckraking works that came out of the Progressive Era of the early twentieth century; however, its scope is not limited to that particular period.

The Jungle is a valuable tool to anyone interested in the current issues of immigration, industrialization, organized labor, and government regulation of the economy for it shows us from whence we came. Chapter XIVIn Chapter Fourteen, the adults realize that they will never be able to make enough money to finally own the house.

Through its exposure of the worst characteristics of industrial society, its depiction of a specific era in American history, and its use of literary elements to inform the reader, it can be used in World history or American history classes, or in English classes that study the novel as a genre. Chapter XIIIOne of Elzbieta’s children dies after she is forced to find work. This realization does not change anything; however, because they can only continue to work and try to pay the bills.

While the plot focuses on the trials of immigrant industrial workers, the novel gives us an understanding of the role of labor in early industrial society and the government’s support of big business.

Sinclair paints an interesting picture of the progress of organized labor and the political power of business in American society. How have Jurgis, Ona, and Elzbieta changed since coming to Chicago? Sinclair’s purpose was to expose the inhumane treatment of the working class and to precipitate change in American industry. He begins the long difficult task of finding another job. What happens to Jonas while Jurgis is incapacitated? Instead, his graphic and nauseating descriptions of the meat packing industry led to passage of the Pure Food and Drug Act that had been stalled in Congress. Meanwhile, Jonas disappears; the family never learns his fate.1. Perhaps his best epitaph is a statement by George Bernard Shaw. Why is Jurgis dismayed to discover that most of the workers hate their situation? Why does Jurgis initially refuse to join the union? Why had Jurgis and Ona been forced to wait to be married? What two horrible truths do they learn about their house? What political philosophy does Grandmother Majauszkiene support? Chapter VIIIn Chapter Seven the family’s situation becomes more desperate. “When people ask me what has happened in my long lifetime I do not refer them to the newspaper files, but to (Sinclair’s) novels.” For more information on Upton Sinclair, see Radical Innocent, a comprehensive biography of Sinclair by former Fulbright scholar Anthony Arthur. Chapter VAs the family members become more accustomed to Packingtown, they begin to discover the corruption underlying the system.1. Dede Antanas dies from the poor working and living conditions.1. Although his immediate family struggled financially, his extended family was well-to-do. Through the union, he gets his first exposure to the American political system.1. This discrepancy among classes in modern industrial society led to Sinclair’s association with the socialist movement and his lifetime interest in activism and reform. In conjunction with the reading, the writing component will emphasize the development and support of a thesis statement in literary analysis.Students will receive instruction in various writing modes (persuasive, expository, descriptive, and narrative) and in the stages of process writing.This is a genre-based course in which students will study a variety of short stories, poems, plays, novels, and works of non-fiction for critical analysis and discussion.Course content will focus on interpreting literature beyond the literal level, and students will be expected to recognize and apply various literary techniques.


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