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In the same manner, the democratic antifascist People's Front proposes an alliance of different non-monopolistic classes which is absolutely impossible to understand for people seeing class struggle as a conflict between a “thesis” and an “antithesis” which should be overcome to a “synthesis”.

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The expression "the state withers away" is very well-chosen, for it indicates both the gradual and the spontaneous nature of the process.

Only habit can, and undoubtedly will, have such an effect; for we see around us on millions of occassions how readily people become accustomed to observing the necessary rules of social intercourse when there is no exploitation, when there is nothing that arouses indignation, evokes protest and revolt, and creates the need for suppression.

Communism will also be a new synthesis overstepping the old one, i.e. Is it not a conception belonging to the perception of class struggle as a “collision” between a thesis and an antithesis? It is wrong to consider the dictatorship of the proletariat as a proletarian “antithesis” to the bourgeois dictatorship “thesis”, before the socialist period of the “synthesis”.

Of course, we can see precisely how Anarchism and Trotskyism uphold this erroneous conception.

This is a vary basic teaching of dialectical materialism.

It explains here why the Chinese democratic revolution didn't suppress the bourgeoisie, as the material conditions didn't permit to proceed so.

in forced cooperation, leading to ultimate truth, utopia where no government would be required. Here's a prior answer that helps to explain what the terms thesis, antithesis, and synthesis is trying to get to:

Before I dive in on this, be aware that delving into Hegel's philosophy is not simple or easily explained.

In fact, it is Fascism who intervenes in unifying antithetical poles.

The famous Chinese document on “1 becomes 2” is here very useful to reject the “2 becomes 1” principle.


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