Thesis Using Structural Equation Modeling

When it comes to computers, she has interest in memory allocation and virtual memory.In her spare time she likes to read sun signs and personality traits.It involved the relation of covariance with SEM and the concept of theory fit.

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SEM analyzes the structural relationships or to establish causal relationships between variables.

It has various names like path analysis, latent variable analysis, path modeling, and analysis of covariance structures, causal modeling and linear structural relations (LISREL).

Soumya has completed her MBA in HR from National Institute of Technology (NIT), Kurukshetra and is Bachelor in Information Technology.

She loves numbers, their patterns and the infinity nature possessed by them.

Regression analysis finds the impact of independent variables on the dependent variable.

Furthermore, Structural equation model (SEM) presents a model based on coefficients presenting the relation and association between the independent and the dependent variables.

In other words, SEM tests if the theory fits the data collected.

SEM is a combination of factor analysis and a series of multiple regression analysis.

SEM conducts confirmatory modeling rather than exploratory modeling.

It tests the validity of the model rather than to find or create a suitable model.


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