Thevenin Theorem Solved Problems

These network theorems include thevenins theorem, Norton’s theorem, Reciprocity theorem, Superposition theorem, Substitution theorem, and Maximum power transfer theorem.Here, in this article let us discuss in detail about how to state thevenins theorem, thevenins theorem examples, and applications of thevenins theorem.

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Now, we have dependent source, so method 1 cannot be used for finding Equivalent resistance Rth.

Any black box containing resistances only and voltage and current sources can be replaced by a Thévenin equivalent circuit consisting of an equivalent voltage source in series connection with an equivalent resistance.

Primarily, consider a simple example circuit with two voltage sources and three resistors which are connected to form an electrical network as shown in the figure below.

In the above circuit, the V1=28V, V2=7V are two voltage sources and R1=4 Ohm, R2=2 Ohm, and R3=1 Ohm are three resistances among which let us consider the R2 resistor as load resistance.

Here, in this circuit is equivalent to the above circuit (with V1, V2, R1, R2, and R3) in which the load resistance R2 is connected across the terminals of thevenins equivalent circuit as shown in the circuit below.

Now, how to find out the values of thevenins voltage and thevenins resistance?

If one resistance is changed suddenly (load), then this theorem can be used for performing calculations easily (as it avoids the calculation of the large, complex circuit) calculated just by placing the changed load resistance value in thevenins equivalent circuit Rth and Vth.

Do you know what the other network theorems which are typically used in practical electrical circuits?

Hence, the thevenins voltage or voltage across the load resistance terminals which is open circuited can be determined using above mentioned laws (Ohm’s law and Krichhoff’s law) and are tabulated in a tabular form as shown below: Then, the circuit can be represented as shown in the figure below with voltage across open load terminals, resistances, and current in the circuit.

This voltage across the open load resistance terminals is termed as thevenins voltage which is to be placed in the thevenins equivalent circuit.


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