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Pirandello looks at the perspective of war from the parent’s point of view.His story opens with passengers joining a group of individuals on a train heading to a location to say goodbye to their son who is about to be sent off to war.

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He mentions that by dying at an early age his son was relieved of a majority of the pain one endures by growing old.

He also explains to the crowd that his son belongs to his country and not to him, but yet the father does belong to the son.

O’Brien mentions the age range of the soldiers as being in their twenties.

By doing so he is expressing the uncertainties of life that a young male must face.

O’Brien shows the emotional conflict from the frontline of the soldiers and how complex the emotions one carries can become an overwhelming burden until dealt with.

In Pirandello’s story the emotional conflict is viewed from that of the parent and try as hard as one might, the love for their child is always stronger than life itself.She then realizes that maybe she wasn’t wrong and looks at the gentleman who lost his son. The emotions he has bottled up finally broke free and were released and this is where the story ends.These two stories create a complex relationship between each other by showing the same emotions expressed from two very different sides of the conflict.Life since the beginning of time has always been about the survival of the fittest.Two short stories “The Things They Carried” by Tim O'Brien and “War” by Luigi Pirandello show how the survival of the fittest takes precedence over other factors in life.The death of Ted Lavender caused Cross’ emotions to change.The hurt and anguish that Cross felt at his responsibility to ensure the safety of his soldiers and the blame his placed on himself for daydreaming while Lavender got shot created a complete change in his personality.Looking at these to stories the initial shift from one emotional outlook on life to another creates not only the plot of the story, but the expression of life and the struggles humanity deals with on a daily basis.The complex relationship between the two is these two stories could easily be put together one after the other in a book without the writers being mentioned and one would think that they come from the same story.Her son volunteered to take this danger into his life.She thinks about how she must have been the one wrong when all her friends and family tried to comfort her, but nothing they said would help. He just looked at her speechless and as the truth of the situation settled, in on him, he broke down into sobs of uncontrollable pain.


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