Too Much Homework In High School

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My parents are advocates of explicit instruction; that is, teachers should show us what to do, give us opportunities to do it, and then give us a chance to show that we can do it on our own.Homework was designed to build on skills covered extensively in class.Worse yet, I think, it puts a great deal of stress on our parents. Our parents have to figure out how to do the assignment and then teach it to us.

I should be able to complete an assignment with little to no confusion at home as long as it involves previously learned skills.

I read Harris Cooper's 1989 article "Synthesis of Research on Homework" (PDF), published in Educational Leadership, which is cited by many of the researchers who have studied homework and its effects.

An overloaded learning or work schedule is not a sober phenomenon.

Spending less time on activities aimed to relax our body and give our mind a good rest is not a healthy option, and not many teachers understand the dogma.

Before a test day, the only work that should be assigned for a particular class is to study. The article was submitted with parental assistance from Nancy Marchand-Martella, professor at Eastern Washington University.

If students do not want to study, then they have no homework (although choosing not to study might jeopardize their grades). Students do better in school if they have homework assignments and actually complete them; they get better test scores too. Think about how much time you are spending on your homework assignments after you return home. According to the research conducted by a Stanford researcher/educational scholar Denis Pope, it is not okay if the amount of your homework exceeds two hours in a time equivalent.Extra requirements like formatting (e.g., APA writing style) are part of the final grade.These students are not always procrastinators—they just simply cannot do it all.Additionally, some teachers assign homework before a test day.It is a mistake not to count a lengthy requirement as a separate task.Parents worry their children are not spending a sufficient amount of time completing their home duties.However, teachers should think about how long assignments might take to complete and whether they involve previously learned skills, and assign them accordingly. In summary, I enjoy school and appreciate the time my teachers take in providing feedback on homework assignments and in reviewing them in class. Based on my own experiences, listening to my parents in their classes, and my research, I have come to the conclusion that homework could use some serious modification.First, mastery can only be achieved by correct practice over time.


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