Top Ten Excuses For Not Doing Homework

Top Ten Excuses For Not Doing Homework-87
The problem is that if you don’t come up with a good excuse (and we mean a REALLY good excuse), you will most probably get a low grade.

The problem is that if you don’t come up with a good excuse (and we mean a REALLY good excuse), you will most probably get a low grade.

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Every teacher will expect you to turn over the homework on the deadline, regardless of how many school chores you receive for the week.

Another problem with homework (and the reason why so many students are looking for good excuses for not doing homework) is that you may not know how to do it.

However if you always use this excuse, you could get caught some day.

This could be a good idea since it is highly unlikely the teacher could expect your Dad to leave work in order to bring your assignment to school For ladies you can easily get away by saying it's that time of the month.

Perhaps you weren’t paying attention in class, or perhaps you simply are not interested in the subject matter.

Regardless, you definitely don’t want a bad grade that will ruin your GPA once and for all.If this was a typed assignment, you could say your computer crashed.Everybody including your teacher knows these stuff happens every now and then so it won't look odd.If you are a boy and you decide to say this, trust me you will be in bigger problems than not completing homework.You could say one of your relative, like Grandpa just died.And in any case, you are better off doing your homework.However, there are times when you absolutely cannot do it. Perhaps you don’t know anything about the subject matter.Well any right thing teacher would not debate about that.However, using this excuse too many times will also get you caught too.You can probably predict who’s going to be in the latter category as well. And, who doesn't like looking at pretty things while drinking coffee?Well, for those children who decided they wanted to come up with an excuse, these are some of the most creative, weird and wonderful reasons they’ve ever come up with. Okay, now it’s over to you – what are some of your favourite excuses that a kid has come up with then they’ve not submitted their homework?


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