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I start struggling when it comes to the topic and find myself procrastinating for hours before I even start to write.So I naturally loved David Finkle's ideas on how to choose the right topic.Feel free to print the entire list for plenty of inspiration for your next descriptive essay assignment!

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It could be a letter of complaint, your memoir, a bestseller or some copywriting material for your business website.

Laurie Rozakis reminds us that “Writing is a powerful means of communication because it forms and shapes human thought.” Just because it doesn't come naturally doesn't mean that you can't learn to do it well. I write something everyday, and still can't whip up anything without wrestling my thoughts onto the paper.

Most tuition centres are not set up to help children effectively because they don’t have the time to mark a whole classroom of scripts and sometimes don’t employ staff who can mark work.

Equally its very difficult for parents to know where to start as to a large degree the books that are available don’t deliver a step by step process.

I am continually on the lookout for creative writing tips, guidelines and ideas to help make this process easier and this led to the birth of

A personal reference source to help make my daily tasks easier.

For more information about the creative writing aspect of 11 Plus exams please continue reading.

For more general information on 11 Plus exams, including the types of exam and their structures, please follow this link.

Our guidance below will help you to understand what you could focus but even then it is a difficult task.

There are also very few books out there which attempt to do the job and even fewer that we would recommend.


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