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It is one which, for organizational purposes, includes all workers in a particular industry (egg, steel, automobile, and textile) regardless of whether they are skilled or unskilled.

The union's bargaining power is based upon the number of members.

This can obviously be explained with the fact that there are different types of trade unions that exist in the world and each bear different functions and features in line with the countries, the cultures and the environment around them.

Literatures principally outline the differences of trade unions for three main continents namely Asia, Europe and the US: Cultural factors are sometimes used to explain why trade unions are generally weak in Asia as compared to Europe for example.

As industrial unions recruit members within one industry only and which aspires to recruit all grades of workers in that industry, both manual and non-manual.

It can therefore be considered as a form of vertical unionism.

General unions generally represent labourers from all industries and professions irrespective of what sector of the workforce they form part.

In other words, these unions stand for skilled and unskilled workers preforming different jobs in different industries (cleaners, clerical staff, and transport workers etc.).

It is a union that embodies principally white-collar workers; a non-manual workers' union which executes similar tasks in different industries (e.g. They stand for professionals who work from an office such as those who occupy a managerial or administrative chair.

Unions that recruit workers in similar occupational categories in whatever industrial sector they appear are called horizontal unions; they may be distinguished from industrial or vertical unions.


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