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Traveling nurses also receive above average salary compensation as well as housing, health, and retirement benefits.

Traveling nurse jobs provide a great opportunity for RNs.

But, if you’re new to it, you probably have some questions. The good news is that most travel nursing agencies help you obtain the required license before your start date.

If you’re a registered nurse and want to travel while you work, then a career as a traveling nurse is a great option.

Travel nursing jobs give you the freedom to select where you work, the type of nursing that you want to practice, and the chance to branch out into different specialties.

Each state has their own continuing education requirements to maintain licensure, which can be found on the specific state board’s website.

The experience requirement to be a travel nurse is usually 18 months, but some staffing agencies require at least 2 years of experience prior to your start date. At the end of that time, you can choose another assignment with the same travel nursing agency or select a different agency altogether.

Do you want to see new cities, experience new cultures, and explore the country?

Or, are you interested in the salary potential to pay off student loans or save for a new car or house?

Hospitals have increasing needs in these areas because it takes longer to train new graduates. Operating Room (including training in Cardiovascular and Orthopedics) 5.

Travel nurses in these specialties have more opportunities, more available contracts, and higher pay options. Intensive Care Unit With the ongoing nursing shortage across the country, most nurses, regardless of specialties, won’t have trouble finding a travel nurse contract.


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