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Trinity College Law Essay Competition-19
To submit, please ensure you have read the submission guidelines, then proceed to complete the submission form below.The Deadline for Submissions to Volume XXIII is January 17th 2020 at .The Arthur Cox Alternative Perspectives Competition. This competition is open to non-law students in Trinity College, Dublin and consists of a cash prize of €250.

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The Arthur Cox Secondary School Writing Competition.

This competition is open to secondary school students all over the country.

Submissions for publication in the TCLR Online will be accepted throughout the year on a rolling basis.

The TCLR Online welcomes case comments and contributions of generally no more than 1,500 words that grapple with current or niche issues in Irish, EU or International Law, and therefore merit prompt publication. Gernot Biehler, a young but distinguished fellow of Trinity College, Dublin and lecturer in international law and conflicts of laws, who died aged 48. Biehler was a keen supporter of the work of the Law Review. The author of the best article will receive a cash prize of €500 from Reddy Charlton solicitors.

She decided she had to submit a 2,000 word paper for the Robert Walker Law Essay Prize which is an annual competition run by Trinity College, Cambridge.

Patricia, who is also taking an EPQ extended project qualification related to UK law, and hopes to study law at Cambridge when she leaves Concord, was among the successful entrants.

The editorial process will be collaborative, with any edits made with the cooperation of the authors.

Article selection and editing procedures are summarised in the Author's Guide.

I would highly encourage people to apply.” The Arthur Cox Foundation Irish Language Prize.

The author of the best article written in Irish will win a €250 cash prize sponsored by the Arthur Cox Foundation.


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