Undergraduate Research Proposal Examples

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The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) Fall Call for Proposals has been announced with a deadline of May 6, 2019.

Your thesis connects Brave New World with The Tempest, arguing that Huxley intentionally draws on Shakespeare.

This thesis contains a few assumptions about the novel that'll need to be supported by sources.

All funds awarded for a Fall Proposal must be expended by June.

All funds awarded for a Spring Proposal must be expended by the end of the following June.

Funds are either transferred to a departmental account or awarded directly to you as a stipend.

For awards transferred to departmental accounts, please contact your faculty mentor and the appropriate departmental accounting contact to expend the funds for your project.

By stating that the novel portrays a dystopian society, your thesis makes a claim, or statement of truth, that Huxley's future world has a dark underbelly.

The thesis also assumes that Huxley references Shakespeare with ironic intention.

A confirmation is sent to the undergraduate researcher(s) and faculty mentor(s) via e-mail once the submission has been received.

This confirmation provides a secure link for students and faculty mentors to access and update the submission.


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