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Uq Assignment Cover Sheet-72
A recheck of Assignment Marks may result in the Award of a higher or lower Mark than was originally awarded.To request a recheck, the Student should submit a Recheck of Assignment Marks Request Form, including outlining how the Mark shows an oversight, Marking omission or mathematical discrepancy against the Marking criteria or calculation of Marks, and make an appointment with the Course Examiner to discuss the Assignment.Assignments presented after the deadline will be subject to a penalty unless an extension of time has been approved by the Course Examiner.

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To establish the processes for the Assessment of Coursework Courses at the University. All Students and Employees involved in Coursework Assessment are subject to this procedure.

This procedure applies to the Assessment of Honours Theses but not to Higher Degree by Research Theses.

Marks will be awarded for each Summative Assessment Item in accordance with Section 4.3 'Marking Grading and Moderating'.

These Marks will count towards the Final Grade for that Course as determined in accordance with the Grades Schedule.

A Student may re-submit an Assignment at any time up to the deadline.

A request to re-submit after the deadline is dealt with in accordance with Section 4.4 'Deferred, Supplementary and Varied Assessment and Special Consideration' of these procedures.

This procedure applies to Coursework Courses undertaken by any Students.

This procedure establishes the processes for the Assessment of Coursework Courses at the University.

Some Courses may contain Secondary Hurdles, and it is necessary to satisfy the specified requirements, in addition to obtaining 50% or more of the total weighted Marks available for the Course, in order to pass the Course.

If there is evidence of Student effort to address the requirements of all Assessment Items for the Course as set out in the Course Specification, and the Student has passed the Primary Hurdle but failed to satisfy a Secondary Hurdle (Supervised) or has satisfied a Secondary Hurdle (if applicable) but failed to achieve a passing Final Grade by 5% or less of the total weighted Marks, the Student may be offered supplementary work in an attempt to pass the Course as set out in Section 4.4 'Deferred, Supplementary and Varied Assessment Items and Special Consideration'.


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