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Amp up your knowledge and become an impressive smooth talker by keeping these French transition words in your back pocket.Learning French can be broken up into a series of milestones.

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What I am recommending is that you learn what the French call (literally “ready-made sentences”), which are standard sentences that can be built upon to fit your needs and the subject at hand.

Think of them as building blocks for your vocabulary.

(I don’t have strong feelings about his term.)When you’re sitting around a dinner table with people you know (maybe even love! The formalities can be dropped and offering one’s opinion is often just as good as citing established facts. You’ll get me dirty.) Now go out there and engage in a healthy debate with your neighbor.

Still, it’s usually best to keep things friendly (even if you’re convinced your opinion is more legitimate! Just don’t blame us if you’re feeling saucy and end up picking a fight with the next person who cuts you off in the check-out line!

Listening to political debates is especially good for this.

I recommend checking out In more formal contexts—such as discussing foreign policy with a superior at the office, debating the merits of academic freedom with a university professor or pondering the state of the environment with a colleague you don’t know so well—measured, polite and inoffensive language is required.In fact, transition words are what transform your broken French into the smooth, swoon-worthy language you’ve always dreamed of speaking. Master this list of French transition words and take your vocabulary to the next level.Learning to speak and write French is a challenging endeavor with long lasting benefits.In such contexts, one tends to avoid getting too emotional. To use it you have to be either a) a really fast runner or b) certain that the person you’re talking to has a really, really good sense of humor (and really good cultural literacy).If things do start getting heated, there are times you may have to downplay what you really think through evasive language. (literally translates to “to pronounce oneself against” and means “to be against”)In a similar vein, this is another useful phrase to use when you feel your blood pressure beginning to rise. (literally translates to “without wanting to contradict you” but is understood to mean “I don’t want to contradict but”)While the previous phrases could be interpreted as a bit blunt, this sentence builder is a way of more delicately expressing your opinion, with your point of disagreement expressed in a second clause. You see, this phrase was uttered by former French president Nicolas Sarkozy in 2008 when, during a visit to an agricultural convention, a farmer refused to shake his hand, saying(Oh no, don’t touch me!One of them may be finally learning to pronounce French vowels correctly.Another may be employing the French causative with confidence.Use Fluent U’s learn mode to actively practice all the vocabulary in any video with vocabulary lists, flashcards, quizzes and fun activities like “fill in the blank.”As you continue advancing in your French studies, Fluent U keeps track of all the grammar and vocabulary that you’ve been learning.It uses your viewed videos and mastered language lessons to recommend more useful videos and give you a 100% personalized experience.Not only do they keep you from sounding robotic, but they’re also the key to writing effective essays, understanding the literature you’re reading and improving (never stop! They may be little words, and you could ignore them and get the bare gist of things anyway, but you’re not that kind of learner, now, are you?Let’s get to it and start adding these key ingredients to our nouns, verbs and adjectives.


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