Uses Of Plastic Bags Essay

Uses Of Plastic Bags Essay-23
Not only do plastic bags fill up our landfill sites where they will remain forever more, but people throw them into the streets.

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In addition, they do not degrade well in our rubbish dumps, so they will remain on this planet forever more.

We cannot have this accumulation of plastic bags and the only way forward is to ban their distribution and use.

A more diligent approach to parenting and teaching would solve this problem more effectively.

Charging consumers for using plastic bags should not result in profit for the supermarkets.

More than this, plastic bags are responsible for the deaths of huge numbers of marine species, who mistake the bags for food.

Consumers must accept that it is hugely wasteful, massively unethical, and potentially deadly to continue using plastic bags.

And plastics in packaging help keep foods safe and fresh. There are “organic” plastics, which contain carbon, and inorganic plastics, which don’t.

Some plastics are hard and shatter-resistant, others are soft and flexible.

The chemicals and compounds that go into making plastic bags could also be utilised in a far more effective manner.

These two factors show that plastic bag production is a waste of resources, which could be being used in a far more effective way.


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