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And even though we’d had decimal currency since February 1966, the prices were still given in pounds, shillings and pence, as well as in dollars and cents.So, a copy of Sergeant Pepper’s, on vinyl of course, cost .25, or £2/12/6.One afternoon in March 1967, John and Paul met up at Paul’s house, not far from the Abbey Road studios, to finish a song for Ringo.

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Their next LP, Revolver captured the LSD experience, and once again broke boundaries, with material that ran the gamut from children’s song to political song, songs with Indian influences, funk, the surreal, the trippy, the enigmatic, the melancholic and the simply beautiful.

It’s now that The Beach Boys come into the Sgt Pepper’s story, because while The Beatles were recording Revolver, Brian Wilson was still trying to get over the impact of Rubber Soul.

There was the pop art cover, cardboard cut-outs, a psychedelic inner cover, lyrics printed on the sleeve for the first time ever.

I listened to it on a tiny portable record player with the worst speakers in the world, and it still managed to blow me away.

In 1965 they launched into a new LP, Rubber Soul, often described as the pot album.

It took them musically and thematically into uncharted waters, and saw them become more involved in production.(Moya’s was George because of his cheek bones, mine was John because his voice touched me.).So all four had to have tracks to appease the fans- easy with John and Paul as they did most of the writing and singing, and George always had a track or two, but something had to be found each time for Ringo.But at the same time it was so sixties, full of LSD references and inspiration.In 1967, I was in my second year at Wollongong Teachers’ College, and played piano and trombone in a band called The Rubber Band.The British public heard the Sergeant and his band on 1 June 1967, and the Americans the next day.Us Aussies, though, had to wait till the end of July, because the Poms didn’t trust us Antipodeans to do a good job of printing the elaborate artwork, so 50 000 covers had to be shipped.It was the sign of a new musical direction and a new level of artistic control.The Beatles were now caught between the old and the new.He thought that was it for The Beach Boys, that pop music could never get better.But he didn’t give up, he just locked himself away in the studio for 10 months till he came out with The Beach Boys answer to Rubber Soul, called Pet Sounds- more a single work, than just a series of songs.


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