Valet Parking Business Plan

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When one finally finds a good valet company, they soon find out that the turnover rate is high which can be a turnoff.The whole process of finding and hiring a valet company can be time consuming and most people find the task daunting.

These companies look for unqualified valets so that they don’t have to pay their staff good money.

In turn you end up with unprofessional valets who may end up causing costly damages to your guests.

Find out more about a company before hiring them to get to know how well-trained their staff is.

A well-established valet company will have a better system in place for quality control, training and employee management.

They are well aware that your guests will interact with them first, and every person that they come in contact with will experience a friendly and cheerful valet associate.

There is a sea of valet companies who apply out there but honestly not all of them are professionals.The company will also have the financial capability to cover any accidents that may occur.Request a site visit Once you get a company you can work with, find out if they can offer a free in-person consultation for your event if your location is unfamiliar to them.Whether you are not using a caterer or an event planner for your event, don’t shy away from calling to get recommendations.Choose quality After getting recommendations, narrow down the list to two companies to make a better choice.A reputable valet company will not shy away from a site visit since they use this time to plan how to manage the traffic flow, parking arrivals and where the cars will be parked.All this preparations are very important to ensure that there is minimum backup or delays.Compare their charges but beware of the low cost provider.Just because a company charges low rates does not automatically mean they offer quality services. If you find the costs are too low, that can only mean they will not be able to provide quality services.If they agree, use this opportunity to get comfortable with the valet vendor to make sure they seem reputable, professional and honest.If a company refuses to come for a site visit, that should serve as a red flag and you should immediately stop any further dealings with them.


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