Value Of Sports And S Essay

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For the time being, it makes us forget the eating cares of life.Games and sports are so refreshing that even spectators are enlivened by them If we view the many thousands of spectators, men women and children of all ages on our TV sets witnessing a Cricket or Football match, we find that they are beaming with excitement and joy.

It is well known saying that all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.The third kind is concerned with indoor-games such as Badminton, Table Tennis, Tennis, Chess, Carrom, Squash, Billiards, Gymnastics.Lastly, there are vigorous games like shooting, Aquatics Boxing and Wrestling.Children in the modern world lead a sedentary lifestyle because of the invention of different electronic gadgets.They have lured kids in spending their time without doing any activity.The first great value of sports is that they keep us physically fit and healthy.The prove the virtue of the old pro verbs—’Health is wealth’ and ‘A sound mind in a sound body’.All these games require the use of various human faculties—physical strength and stamina, mental skill and swiftness.A true sportsman is that hero of the game, who plays the game for the sake of game without any consideration of victory or defeat, very much like a ‘karmayogi’ in ‘Bhagwada-Gita’. ” When someone is downcast and wears a long face, we say to him, “Take it easy; be a sportsman.”.They are the ropes that support the health and vitality of a country.


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