Walter Lee Younger Character Analysis Essay

Walter Lee Younger Character Analysis Essay-45
Walter describes how his father paved the way for the family to finally buy this new house and move to a new neighborhood.He realizes that having a real home is more important than his aspirations of owning a liquor business.

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Mama, the mother of the house wants to buy a house for the family.

Beneatha, Youngers’ daughter wants to pay for her school tuition using part of the money.

In general terms, Walter wants to rise above his class status to gain dignity, pride, and respect.

In specific terms, he believes his dream can be achieved by opening a liquor store with some friends as joint investors.

Unfortunately, he allows his obsession with materialism and the realization of his dream clouds his judgment.

As he saw it "all starting to slip away", he exploded at Mama for taking away his chance at a future filled with possibility and money.His relationships with his family members are tenuous: his wife, Ruth, almost gets an abortion when she thinks Walter doesn’t love her anymore, and his sister, Beneatha, grows angry when Walter disparages her desire to become a doctor.Walter is a serious and intense man who believes that the only way he can escape his working-class status and improve his life is through acquiring financial wealth.For now, he can find contentment in serving as a positive and worthy role model and leader to Travis and the rest of the family.As the play opens, Walter comes out conspicuously due to his ideologies concerning the money the Youngers are about to receive from an insurance firm as life insurance policy for the deceased Mr. Every person in the Youngers family has a different idea on how they should spend the money.Frustrated by his dead end job, he actively seeks alternatives for change because he realizes he has to make things happen to better his family's life.At the current rate, he feels all he has to give Travis are stories about white life and how things are better for other people.Extended Character Analysis Walter Lee Younger, Lena Younger’s 35-year-old son, lives at home and works as a chauffeur.Walter is deeply unhappy with his life and his job.At the end of the play, Walter makes amends with his family.He stands up against Karl Lindner by refusing his offer and declaring that the family will move into the home in Clybourne Park.


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