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The question comes up over and over again if Hamlet is sane or insane.Hamlets life events, from the death of his father to the death of his lover, can be enough to push anyone to the edge of sanity and fall into insanity.

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Hamlets life has only gone from bad to worse, and worse to devastating.

After all these horrific events, to go crazy would be an understatement.

When Hamlet decides not to kill King Claudius while he is praying shows that he is not crazy and can act and think rationally.

Sure one can say that just because someone is crazy doesn’t mean they cannot think rationally, however, Hamlet killed Polonius in a fit of madness, and since his madness is caused by Claudius killing his father, the same madness would take over Hamlet and would kill Claudius the chance he had.

First he finds out his father passed away, and then the ghost tells Hamlet that it was Hamlets Uncle Claudius who killed him, and to top it off his mother has married his Uncle Claudius, the murderer and king.

Not only that, but he dumps his girlfriend and pretends not to love her only to find out that she committed suicide mostly because of him.The antic disposition is part of Hamlets brilliant plan to see if Claudius did kill his father, and take revenge.Hamlet is very smart, because for someone who just recently lost his father, acting crazy, or a bit “off” would seem normal, and no one will think he is actually preparing to take vengeance on the king.In William Shakespeares play Hamlet, there are many profound yet controversial themes that occur repeatedly throughout the play.One of the most controversially debated themes throughout history is the theme of Hamlets madness.He also tells Gertrude not to tell King Claudius because then there is no point of his whole antic disposition act.Hamlet is only pretending to be crazy, but when it comes down to it he knows what is right and what is going on.This quote clearly shows that Hamlet is crazy, but there is reason behind his craziness, and sure enough there is.Lately, Hamlets life is tragic event followed by another.When Hamlet received the news of his father’s murder, he did what anyone would do in his situation.He puts on the antic disposition to find out if Claudius did kill his father and plan his revenge.


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