Water Is Life Essay

Water Is Life Essay-87
The food we eat – to energize ourselves and to satisfy our hunger – it is all mainly made up of water.What’s a tomato, but 95% water what’s a potato but 78 % water?

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But by looking at the way marketatism is dominating on every object, it can not be said that for how long the rivers and other reservoirs will be able to survive the clutches of the said companies.

Governments have also been adopting different types of tactics to cover their enlarged expenditure. Pure water consumption of water as well as domestic use has been considered necessary.

Without it, we would all shrivel up, because it is this liquid compound that keeps us hydrated, rejuvenated and alive.

It is a regulator of various biological functions and works as a recharge system for our organs.

Water is a liquid substance that is also present in its solid and gas form.

This nature of the water to change the state of the state expands the dimensions of its use.

(Citing Nela) Water is also critical to the growth of crops, our fruits, our vegetables and without enough water, where would this food come from?

It is said that although we can live without food for weeks, we can only live a few days without water.

That is, the right of a particular multinational company to have water on a particular river or dam and they can stop this water in bottles and sell them in the market in the name of mineral water.

It has been heard that the government also agreed to this, but when environmentalists created obstacles, then they kept silent.


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